Friends, students, ladies, gentleman, and everything in between: welcome to the Film Society. We hope to have marvelous, movie-related shenanigans over the coming years with you. Remarkably, this is our first year of existence, and we are ready to make some magic--namely movie-related magic, but we are open to other kinds, i.e. mythical beasts such as dragons, spells that will make student loans vanish, potions that turn normal objects into money that one can buy food with, etc. But in all honesty, the magic we refer to is one you are no doubt quite familiar with... After all, you did just join a club dedicated to film. There is some nameless quality about movies that inspires people, and it is to that nameless quality we are dedicated.

We will be watching many different kinds of movies--from big-name blockbusters to sort of odd independent films to foreign cinema--and we hope to not only enrich your experience of old favorites, but educate you about beautiful, lesser-known films you may not have encountered before. We will screen films and provide some background information about each piece beforehand--the history, the making-of, and other such intriguing snippets of trivia. After the screening of each film, we will host a discussion for the whole club, where you will be free to discuss movies with other people equally passionate about movies who will not tell you to shut up about movies... It will be lovely.

Eventually, we would like to also do movie-related events and make some student films together, but we do have to get up on our feet first... Since, as we have mentioned, we are a relatively nascent organization.

This brings us to orders of business...

First of all, we need members. So join us. Love film with us. Watch stuff with us. Bring your friends. Bring your family. Your pets. Powerful sorcerers. Jedi knights. Medieval warriors. Whatever you can find.

And secondly, this website. It may not look too great right now, as it is a work in progress, but it will get the job done. So for you aesthetes out there who are in deep suffering and spiritual anguish about the state of this web design, I apologize. Get whatever information you need and close the window before the pain finally conquers you.

We look forward to talking cinema with you.

movie thoughts

"no art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls." --Ingmar Bergman

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