About Us

Fordham Lincoln Center ("Fordham LC") Mock Trial is a competitive extracurricular activity open to all Fordham College at Lincoln Center and Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center undergraduate students.  Each year, the American Mock Trial Association provides a case problem based on a criminal indictment or civil lawsuit.  Fordham LC Mock Trial members work together, as attorneys and/or witnesses, to draft direct and cross examinations, develop opening statements and closing arguments, craft trial strategies, create engaging witness personas, and practice oral performance.  With the guidance of the coaching staff, comprised of lawyers and law students, we compete at invitational tournament in the fall semester, as well as regional and national tournaments in the spring semester.
Tournaments usually consist of four rounds.  In each round, two teams compete against one another in a trial format (Prosecution/Plaintiff v. Defense) and each team consists of three attorneys and three witnesses.  A panel of judges (usually 2 – 3) observe each round and score each attorney and witness.  The team with the highest combined score on a particular judge's ballot wins that ballot.  A team’s overall tournament placement is determined by its ballot count after four rounds.
Recent News

3/16/15  Congratulations to the Fordham LC Mock Trial program for a fantastic showing at the Opening Round Championship Series in Washington D.C. this past weekend. Of the 24 teams competing, the A Team finished in 7th place with 5.5 wins and one spot short of a bid to the National Championships and the B Team finished in a tie for 9th place with 4 wins. Special shout out to Neilab Rahimzada for winning an Outstanding Attorney Award and James Pedersen for winning TWO Outstanding Witness Awards. It truly was a great season and we are all really excited for next season.
2/9/15  Congratulations to Fordham LC Mock Trial A (6-1-1, 3rd place) and B (6-2, 7th place) for advancing out of Regionals! Special shout out to Neilab Rahimzada, Rosanna Corrado, Rose Lyn and Steven Romanello for winning Outstanding Attorney awards AND James Pedersen for winning an Outstanding Witness award! We will next be competing at the Opening Round Championship Series in Washington D.C. and looking for a bid (or two) to Nationals.
1/26/15  Congratulations to Fordham LC Mock Trial A for finishing in second place and tying for the best record (7-1) at Georgetown's Hilltop Invitational Tournament and to Fordham LC Mock Trial B for competing in four extremely close and hard fought rounds at Cornell's Big Red Invitational this past weekend.  Special shout out to Rose Lyn and Steven Romanello for picking up individual awards.
12/8/14  Congratulations to Fordham LC Mock Trial A for finishing with the BEST record (9-2-1) in Division 1 of the Yale Invitational Tournament and Fordham LC Mock Trial B for finishing with the third best record (8-3-1) in Division 2! What an amazing way to end the semester!
10/27/14  Congratulations to Fordham LC Mock Trial for finishing 8-0 and 7-1 and taking both first AND second place at Drexel's Market Street Invitational Tournament this past weekend. Special shout out to Rosanna Corrado, Nuwani Irizarry and Bianca Bernardi for winning Outstanding Attorney awards and to James Pedersen and Neilab Rahimzada for winning Outstanding Witness awards. What a great start to the season!
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